Tim Little

Revenue Commissioner:
Tim Little

Property Tax:
Email: revenuecommissioner@chiltoncounty.org
To pay Property Tax online please visit: www.chiltoncountyrevenue.com

Property Tax Collections

Property Tax Assessments and Exemptions



Motor Vehicle:
Email: motorvehicle@chiltoncounty.org

Motor Vehicle Tags, Registrations and Titles

Duties & Responsibilities

Mapping Department
Responsible for processing land transactions that convey property and plotting them on the tax maps. Maps are plotted from the legal descriptions.

Appraisal Department
Responsible for the reviewing and placing values on property, both real and personal. This office is also responsible for processing and agricultural exemptions that may have been claimed by landowners.

Assessor's Office
Responsible for the classing of property and processing homestead exemptions when applicable. Another task of this department is the balancing of the abstract each year. Also, any changes of address must be filed with the Assessors office.

If you buy property it is the taxpayer's responsibility to come into the Assessors office to assess your property, regardless of what you will be doing with the property. In some instances you may qualify for some type of exemption (IE. homestead, over 65, disability). All assessments must be made by December 31 of each year for the following tax year.

Business Personal Property must be filed in the Appraiser's office. If you own a business you must file a Business Personal Property Return by December 31.