Chilton County Commissioners

Joseph Parnell

60 Deer Trace
Clanton, AL 35045


Joseph Parnell is a 49-year-old lifetime resident of Chilton County. Joseph graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in business management. He is married to Jodi Parnell and they have two children, Jack (21) and Jenna (19), who attend Auburn University. Joseph grew up working for Parnell Inc., the family business, and learned the business from the bottom up where he now serves as General Manager. He is a past chairman of the Wood Supply Research Institute, has served on John Deere’s Forestry Lead Use Group, and is currently Vice Chairman of the National Forest Resource Association’s Board of Directors. In 2019, he took a position on the board of director of the Forest Fund, an industry workman compensation self-insurance fund. Joseph also served on the 2013 & 2019 Chilton County Board of Education’s Capital Planning Committee.

Joseph Parnell was appointed to the Chilton County Commission in February of 2014 and has since been re-elected to the position. He serves in many capacities but is most passionate about industrial and economic growth. Joseph believes better jobs and more jobs are the only viable answers to improving the quality of life in Chilton County.